Chris Nwoke, Bishop & Founder of Mantle of Hope Ministries


Chris Nwoke was born in March of 1962 to Mr. David and Mrs. Helena Nwoke, both late, of Ehime-Mbano, Imo State, Nigeria. Following high school, Mr. Nwoke traveled to the US to further his education. He obtained a BBA degree from St. Edward’s University, in Austin, Texas in 1985. Three years later, Mr. Nwoke testifies: “I received Jesus Christ as my Lord and Savior and my live has not been the same since.  In 1988,  I heard the preaching of the cross by the late Bishop Roland James Allen, a man of God, who loved all nations. Mr. Allen received Christ in 1950 after hearing the gospel message by Billy Graham.”


In November 1997, while at the Billy Graham Training Center at the Cove in Ashville, North Carolina, Mr. Nwoke presented himself to the Lord, with a great commitment to serve Him. He said to the Lord, “here I am oh! Lord, use me as a vessel of thine.” It was there in Ashville, that the Lord revealed His calling on this wonderful man of God. Mr. Nwoke was formally ordained a minister on April 5, 1998 in Texas. 

In establishing Mantle of Hope Ministries, Mr. Nwoke answers the call of God. Mr. Nwoke often speaks that the Lord had revealed to him the urgency of the gospel. He says, “I have seen the possibility of people dying without coming into the saving knowledge of Jesus Christ. Truly, such a situation is tragic, because they do not have to die without Christ. The way we die is the way we will be resurrected. Therefore, it is important that we make our peace with God before it is too late.” Mr. Nwoke says, “by faith and with much prayer and commitment, we have received Mantle of Hope from the Lord to spread the gospel of Christ to all people.”


Bishop Nwoke has helped many come to know Jesus Christ as Lord and Savior.   Pastor Jeremiah Mfune with Mantle of Hope – Malawi wrote: “Bishop Nwoke you have been a true father to us ever since we have known you.  A man of his own words & who lives to display the splendor & the love of the Living God through your Christlikeness of heart.  You teach us, you pray for us, just (as) you timely rebuke us.  We appreciate you.  And may the Lord who gives in abundance grant you many more years to do His work.  May He increase your territory according to His glory.”


Bishop Nwoke returned to the Cove in November 2017 and was honored at the Billy Graham Training Center for the 20th year anniversary of his calling and for also being in the spiritual lineage of Billy Graham.  Bishop Nwoke and his wife, Cecilia have one grown son, Chris Nwoke Jr.  Both Bishop Nwoke and his wife, Cecilia reside in Leander, Texas.